How to Reset a Dell Printer to its Factory Settings

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Without mentioning the Dell printer, it would be very difficult to talk about the development of printer industry. Since it was established more than three decades ago, Dell printer has become one of the world’s largest printer makers. Millions of millions of users use Dell printers in homes, schools and offices around the world. What makes Dell printer unique is that it has its various printer models, which have different features and are designed to meet the different needs of its clients. The amazing popularity of Dell Printer can also be attributed to their quality dell printer support service. Even if your Dell printer can face any kind of error from time to time, all you have to do is pick up the phone to find the best solution for that error and the Dell printer support number + 1-800-201-4179 Need to call. Talking about the solution of all kinds of printer errors, this article will give you an outline of the most basic troubleshooting solutions that you can use to solve all the errors in most Dell printers.

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Why Should you Reset your Dell Printer to your Factory Settings?

Some common problems related to Dell printers are regarding paper jam, overheating, blurring or distorted print etc. Most of these problems can be due to changes in printer software or hardware. To remove this system completely, the best part is to restore the factory settings to your printer that changes occur. When you completely restore the factory settings on your Dell printer, you basically erase any information stored on the device completely, thus restoring it to the manufacturer’s settings. The factory reset option will not reset the tray size, language or page count on your dell printer. Restoring the factory settings on your Dell Printer will greatly help in most performance issues such as slow processing and printer freeze.

Some Steps to Restore Factory Settings on your Dell Printer

The practical steps involved when resetting factory settings are very simple:

Step 1: Connect the USB cable to the printer.
Step 2: Click the Start button on your Dell printer.
Step 3: Enter files and folders in the search option.
Step 4: Select all files and folders buttons and find the UAN folder.
Step 5: Go to the System Utility folder within the UAN folder.
Step 6: Click the Dell Reset Dell Printer icon.

You must make sure to save all relevant and important data thoroughly before resetting your dell printer. If you face any kind of error while applying all these steps, you can contact the Dell printer support phone number team and consult a very trained professional so that you can get more advanced troubleshooting steps Can be fully implemented.

Get Quick Solutions for your Query by Dialing the Dell Printer Support Number

Dell printer support phone number technology can be a delightful thing when things are working in error, but this can in some way make you feel like a stray when you experience a serious malfunction especially when you Actually doing something important on the printer If you are stuck with any technical glitch mentioned in any of the stages given by our Dell printer support number team, then without losing your precious time, you should immediately send the Dell printer support number at + 1-800-201-4179 Contact technical experts from the experts.To take advantage of the contact details of these Bonafide technicians, you can check the directory of our Dell printer support phone number where you can get complete information about our Dell printer support.